Retro 8" Batman Black Costume Figures (FTC)

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Are you looking for something original to add to your collection? For batman fans look no further than these retro 8-inchers produced by Figures Toy Company. These figures featuring Batman in his classic black costume are an Excelsior Toys exclusive so you can't order them directly through FTC.

When I saw the character I immediately thought of the Tim Burton classic film from '89. I can recall back to the day that my dad and I went to see it, sitting there together in the dark theater it was a treat for both of us, as he was the one that introduced me to the comics. I re-watched the film earlier this year, having not seen it for more than a decade, and I can only say that I wish they had had this figure back then.

Without Removable Cowl

There are actually three versions to choose from. The original Batman figure is sculpted with a rounder softer face and cowl. This was later reworked to be more inline with the DC Comics look of the character in his black costume. The new sculpt sports an edgier face and chin which deviates slightly from the Mego look, but only slightly, which shouldn't be a deal breaker for most fans.

Original Sculpt

New Head Sculpt

With Removable Cowl

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